2015 Line-up and Videos

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In 2015 the first #owaspgbgday conference was  held with amazing workshops and speakers, thank you! If you cannot wait until november make sure to check out the presentations from last year!

Michele Orrù

Dark FairyTales from a Phisherman (Vol. III)

Martin Johns

Your Scripts in My Page – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Marie Moe

Unpatchable – Living with a vulnerable implanted device

Mario Heiderich

An Abusive Relationship with AngularJS – About the Security Adventures with the “Super-Hero” Framework

There were also 3 awesome workshops, big thanks to Sean, Martin and Rikard!

Sean Duggan

OWASP Security Shepherd Workshop

Martin Knobloch

OWASP Security Knowledge Framework

Rikard Bodforss

Forensics Workshop