Ahmed Neil – Digital Forensics: Know your enemy and know yourself (workshop)

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vnuv4v9u-e1479406602696The widespread use of computers in many daily bases fields has caused computer crimes to increase. This allowed cyber criminals to maliciously attack vital computational infrastructure to obtain or misuse the information illegally. After a crime occurred in a computer device, an investigation process should take place to reveal what happened based on some evidence. It is used to solve a mysterious event to help the court ascertain whether the suspect is innocence or guilt. In this talk I will be showing various techniques to extract and investigate any digital evidence. I will also discuss some areas where an investigator can extract data from digital mediums.

Ahmed M Neil is a well known thought leader in application security and Digital Forensics whose work focuses on approaching to information security, Risk Analysis, and Digital Forensics. He holds a MSc in Information Systems – Computer Forensics, Mansoura University, Egypt. He is available to travel for the purpose of consultation with other experts in the field of security. He also is willing to train others so that they may share his methods, seminars, workshops and professional procedures.