Viktor Lindström – Passwords are dead! (workshop)

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viktorPasswords are dead! We all know it, they can no longer be trusted. Only this year, the well known Troy Hunt has made his point over and over and OVER again. Yahoo did a boo boo, Linked in did a boo boo, Dropbox did a boo boo… The list is so long it’s not even worth continuing, it’s just makes you sad. You will know it for real if you had a “friend” that had an account on Adult Friend Finder or Ashley Madison.
So lets step back and take a look at authentication, wouldn’t it be nice if were more like a real tangible item which, when activated grants you access when you uses it. It’s groundbreaking! IT’S U2F-ZERO! Take this chance and build your own 2 Factor Authentication Key, and use it for your Github, GMail or why not implement 2FA at your own webpage.

To be clear – This workshop actually contains soldering your own 2FA-device that works. Components are free. No equipment required. Limited seats.

Viktor Lindström has a passion for security, loves the offensive as well as the defensive side. Currently he focuses his daily work in the automotive industry trying to do more good than bad. He has worked as programmer, pentester, adviser and loves spread the word about security.