Workshop prerequisites

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If you plan to attend one of the workshops, you should prepare by bringing a laptop with the below prerequisites to get the most out of your participation:

WebGoat: Teaching application security 101 with Nanne Baars
  • Java 8
  • Docker
  • Burp or ZAP or any other favorite proxy interceptor tool
  • Maven 3 (optional)


Gothenburg pwns the OWASP Juice Shop with Björn Kimminich
  • Node.js (v4, 6 or 7)  OR
  • Docker OR
  • Vagrant



Digital Forensics: Know your enemy and know yourself with Ahmed Neil

Software installation is done during workshop


Passwords are dead! with Viktor Lindström

Hardware is provided by OWASP Gothenburg. Software installation is done during workshop.

See you on Thursday!